Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rep. Cutler Amendment (Need Calls to the Rep.)

An important matter has just come to our attention. Most of you are probably unaware that House Bill 2234 which allows solar in homeowner associations that have restricted solar on the past, passed out of ERE committee last week. It apeears this bill could be taken up by the full House in the very near future BUT Rep. Cutler (717-783-6424 in Harrisburg and 717 786 4551 in District or for letters) has a very damaging amendment which would virtually kill the intent of the bill by grandfathering in all existing restrictive homeowner covenants. We need calls into Cutler's office and ask him to withdraw his amendment if it comes up for a House vote. The amendment is attached. The bill is available at , go to general session, and in the right hand cover enter HB2234 to see the bill. Also, please see other states facing the same policy issue and attempts to remove this barrier to solar deployment:

-Drew Gardner on behalf of Maureen Mulligan and PASEIA

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