Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update from Harrisburg

New date set for House bill #1580 hearing

As most of you know, the House Consumer Affairs committee meeting has been rescheduled until Thursday, December 8th from 10-12 in room G-50 in the capitol building. It is a non-session day which means there is a better chance more committee members will be available to attend. Some of you may be interested in attending the hearing and supporting the solar industry speakers including “our own” Andrew Kleeman. If you come, you may want to wear your company logo or shirt so that you are easily identified as a concerned solar business. We will not have an accompanying lobby day since most of the legislators; accept the “all important” Consumer Affairs committee members may not be in town that day.

Since PASEIA is severely resource constrained, we have enlisted Mike Healy from National SEIA to assist us with some campaign activities. In advance of the hearing, Mike arranged 15 meetings with the House Consumer Affairs committee members for the three days before the hearing. (12/5-6-7) If anyone is interested in accompanying Mike, please email him directly at

We don’t know at this point whether we have enough votes in the committee to call for a vote, but next week will be very telling. We are running up against the legislative clock and would like to get the bill out of committee by Dec. 20th before they recess for a month. Until the hearing takes place and we get the feedback from our committee visits next week, I don’t have a prediction, but time is running out in 2011. The good news is this is not the end of the legislative session so the bill will NOT have to be reintroduced in mid-January when they return to Harrisburg. If you’re not coming to Harrisburg at this time, spend a few minutes and call the House members on the committee. The list was posted on November 1st . Ask for their support. We DO have 111 co-sponsors but we still have to get it through this committee first and don’t have many co-sponsors on the committee.

Maureen Mulligan


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What you can do to help push along HB1580:

Below is the list of the Rs not signed onto the Ross bill that are on the Consumer Affairs Committee. Please call them and urge them to be a co-sponsor of the bill and also to press Rep. Godshall to set a date for voting on HB1580:

Robert W. Godshall

(215) 368-3500

(717) 783-6428

Warren Kampf
(610) 251-2876
(610) 631-2865

(717) 260-6166

Brian L. Ellis
(724) 283-5852

(717) 787-7686

Rob W. Kauffman
(717) 264-3943


(717) 532-1707

(717) 705-2004

Sheryl M. Delozier
Camp Hill
(717) 761-4665

(717) 783-5282

Julie Harhart

(610) 502-2701
(610) 760-9805

(717) 772-5398

Hon. John D. Payne
(717) 534-1323

(717) 787-2684

Scott Perry
(717) 432-0792

(717) 783-8783

Tina Pickett

(570) 265-3124

(717) 783-8238

Todd Stehens
North Wales
(215) 368-5165
Todd Stephens

(717) 260-6163

Marcy Toepel
Red Hill
(215) 679-3082
(717) 787-9501