Thursday, April 8, 2010

Announcing PA SEIA!

The Pennsylvania Division of the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association (MSEIA)

MARCH 2010

Pennsylvania members of the solar industry trade association MSEIA have formalized and are expanding the PA Division of the Association, to respond to the unique needs of the rapidly growing solar industry in PA and expanded PA membership. Presently, at least half of MSEIA members do business in Pennsylvania.

For over ten years, MSEIA has been extremely instrumental in developing the infrastructure for implementing solar energy technologies in Pennsylvania. Now that many hundreds of solar energy systems have been installed in PA, stimulated by the Sunshine Solar Rebate Program, as well as DEP’s Energy Harvest and PEDA Programs, and the Sustainable Development Fund Solar PV Program, it is time to tighten MSEIA’s focus on Pennsylvania.

In a survey sent to PA solar installers, 100% of respondents saw a strong correlation between effective solar policy and the success of their business. 87.5% of respondents felt that they would be more inclined to join a trade association that addressed state-specific solutions.

PA SEIA, a Division of MSEIA, will represent solar installers and integrators, manufacturers and distributors, training and education centers and other players in the PA solar industry. The Division will advocate for strong legislation to support the continued growth of solar businesses, promote both a diverse, as well as a tightly unified industry in Pennsylvania, and serve as a resource for both policy-makers and the public.

As a first step, PA SEIA has formed a steering committee composed of current MSEIA members who are working to develop the Division, and plans to hold elections in the near future. The acting steering committee officers are: Ron Celentano, President (and VP for PA on the MSEIA Executive Committee); Mike Newman, Worley & Obetz, Vice President; Kira Costanza, SunPower Builders, Secretary; Shannon Jefferson, Solardelphia, Treasurer Liaison; and Maureen Mulligan, Lobbyist and Policy Specialist. Other active participants are: Vincent O’Grady, Solardelphia, Sal DePrisco, Russell Solar, Kevin Wright, United Inspection Agency, Roan Confer, Aset Solar and Anthony Guerrera, Guerrera Electric.

To learn more about MSEIA, PA SEIA or to become a member please visit (new website coming soon!) or email .