Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PASEIA Lobby Days

This past Monday and Tuesday (June 7th and June 8th) were PASEIA's HB2405 lobby days. There were 22 meetings scheduled with 21 Representatives over the two days, and about 15 Pennsylvania (and a few out of Pennsylvania) Solar Businesses made it out! Everyone lobbied for the bill quite successfully, and we were able to generate additional support from the Representatives for the bill. And we are happy to inform you that the bill passed out of committee Tuesday morning! Please see the ERE Committee Vote blog entry for more information on the committee vote. We still have a ways to go to pass this bill, but it is now clear that our efforts are truly making a difference. Thank you to all of the people that were at the lobby days, and we will be sure to notify you soon about our next lobbying efforts.

-Drew Gardner on behalf of PASEIA

(This last picture is sarcastic, obviously)

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