Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HB2405 Update, Calls Needed!

Many of you are probably aware of House Bill 2405's recent progress in the PA government and that there was a possibility of it being voted on the floor (second consideration) this past Tuesday (yesterday). Unfortunately, the bill was not voted on yesterday due to the fact that the Bill does not have enough votes to pass. Also, due to new damaging amendments, the bill's passage is in jeopardy. In better news, the Bill did pass out of appropriations committee favorably with a vote of 28 to 5. However, if the bill is going to pass this session, it must reach the floor in the next week or two. Now more than ever we need to ramp up our efforts. We need your phone calls today and probably until the end of this week to see if we can get it through the House and over to the State Senate. Calls are coming from the opposition.

-So please, if you have a Representative in Pennsylvania, call them

-If you met with any Representative at one of our lobby days, call them

-If you have a project in Pennsylvania, please call the Representative of that district

-If you are able to, please inform your clients about the Bill and encourage them to call their Representatives as well

To look up a Representative of an area, please use this link: .

Thank you and please act NOW,
Drew Gardner on behalf of PASEIA

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