Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Votes on HB2405

The following is a list of the Representatives in the ERE committee with their respective votes on HB2405 when it was voted out of committee Tuesday morning. Please consider calling the Yes Representatives to thank them and/or calling the No Representatives to try to generate support for the Bill.

Rep. D/R Vote
B. George D Y
J. Hornaman D Y
M. Gerber D Y
T. Harhai D Y
J. Yudichak D Y
S.E. Hutchinson R N
M. Gabler R N
M.T. Causer R N
G.D. Everett R Y
J.P. Pyle R N
B. Barbin D N
M. Carroll D Y
S.H. Conklin D Y
E. DePasquale D Y
T. Houghton D Y
D.R. Kessler D Y
S.J. Santarsiero D Y
T. Seip D Y
G. Vitali D Y
J. Wansacz D Y
J. Christiana R N
K. Harper R Y
K.L. Rapp R N
D. Reed R N
C. Ross R Y
R. Vulakovich R N

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