Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update from Harrisburg on House Bill #1580

Maureen Mulligan

The Ross Solar Jobs Bill (HB #1580) has been assigned to the House Consumer Affairs Committee as of yesterday, October 20th. This is the good news we have been waiting for. Our coalition made up of Penn Future, Solar Alliance, Vote Solar and PASEIA will be hosting a lobby day focused on asking the head of the House committee, Representative Robert Godshall (R-Montgomery) to bring the bill up for a committee vote as soon as possible. When the bill went to print over a week ago, there were 106 co-sponsors, 60 Democrats and 46 Republicans. 103 votes are needed for it to pass the House. Having the co-sponsors is a great start but doesn’t guarantee instant passage particularly if amendments are offered that clog the discussion.

There is also great news in the Senate. Senators David Argall (R) John Blake (D) and Ted Erickson (R)have all signed on as sponsors of a senate version of House bill 1580. We expect the Senate will take up the bill after it passes the House. With only 18 legislative days scheduled in this year, we ask you to stay vigilant by checking the PASEIA blog often for updates. We will need each and every one of you to help pass this bill if we are going to get this through and sent to the Governor for his signature before the end of the year.

We need to start with letters and calls to the House Consumer Affairs committee members. You can also link to emails from this list.


Majority (Room 150 MC)

Godshall, Robert W. , Chair - 717-783-6428
Kampf, Warren , Secretary 717-260-6166
Ellis, Brian L., Subcommittee Chair on Telecommunications 717-787-7686
Kauffman, Rob W., Subcommittee Chair on Public Utilities 717-705-2004

Delozier, Sheryl M. 717-783-5282
DiGirolamo, Gene717-783-7319
Evans, John R. 717-772-9940
Farry, Frank A. 717-260-6140
Harhart, Julie 717-772-5398
Payne, John D. 717-787-2684
Perry, Scott 717-783-8783
Pickett, Tina 717-783-8238
Reichley, Douglas G 717-787-1000
Stephens, Todd 717-260-6163
Toepel, Marcy 717-787-9501

Minority (Room 202 IOB)

Preston, Joseph, Jr. , Democratic Chair 717-783-1017
Brennan, Joseph F. , Democratic Secretary 717-772-9902
Burns, Frank, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Telecommunications 717-772-8056
DePasquale, Eugene, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Public Utilities 717-787-7514

Barbin, Bryan 717-783-1491
Kotik, Nick 717-783-3780
Matzie, Robert F. 717-787-4444
Neuman, Brandon P. 717-783-4834
Parker, Cherelle L. 717-783-2078
White, Jesse 717-783-6347

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