Monday, May 10, 2010

PASEIA Action Alert: AEPS Legislation HB2405 – Now or Never

AEPS Legislation HB2405 – Now or Never

May 5th, 2010

Last week, over 75 PA solar stakeholders gathered in Harrisburg for 2 strategy sessions with DEP Sec. Hanger surrounding HB2405. This “new HB80” is similar to the previous bill, but is even stronger for solar and a new sponsor (Rep. Eugene DePasquale, York) and recent coalition building has created a large and effective group to counter our well-mobilized opponents.

PASEIA is gearing up for a 2 month push to pass HB2405, which increases the solar share of PA’s AEPS to 3%, front loads SREC requirements in the early years of the ramp-up to avoid a saturated market, and sets a firm ACP. HB2405 positions PA to be a leading solar market in the Mid-Atlantic region!

Attached you will find resources to begin making calls and drumming up support for the bill. CALLS AND PERSONAL VISITS are most effective, and repetition is reinforcing.

Simple talking points are:

• Because of effective solar policy the cost of solar is coming down – my business/the company I work for has created XX number of jobs in the past year.
• This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Sunshine Program. One year ago there were approximately 20 solar installers, most of them not full time, in PA. Now there are nearly 500.

Over the next few days and weeks, we will continue to disseminate talking points and updates on status of the bill, targeted votes and strategy.

Please keep in touch– contact Maureen Mulligan at or Kira Costanza at with questions, concerns or feedback.

We, the PA solar industry, continue to grow at exponential rates and the time has come to make our voice heard!

Thank you for your help! Please contact to be added to our HB2405 advocacy distribution list and/or to receive documents outlining targeted votes, how to set up meetings with your reps. and TALKING POINTS.
We will have this information posted on as soon as the new site is live, but in the interim will be posting critical information here on this blog.

Thank you for being engaged!

The PASEIA Steering Committee

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